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Wafuasi: Judges (Gideon)

Key Passages:

  • Judges 6-8

Key Takeaways:

  • God is gracious, compassionate and empathetic in the way he deals with Gideon, the nation of Israel and us.
  • Victory and humility are synonymous in God’s kingdom. This is most evident in the life of Jesus.
  • We want to be super hero’s but mostly we are weak and fearful like Gideon.
  • God uses lots of different kinds of people.
  • Success, even succes for God can lead to pride

Challenge Questions:

  • What is competing for God’s loyalty in your life.

Engaging A Hungry World

In Little Rock, Arkansas a school nurse discovered that the majority of students that were seeking her care were not physically sick but HUNGRY!  This is what began the idea of sending home backpacks full of food to bridge the gap of hunger over the weekend for these children and their families.  This nation wide program is called Backpack Buddies! 

Within Student Ministry at Grace Church we believe in three core values:  Pursuing God, Connecting with the Church and Engaging the World.  One way we will be engaging the world this year in student ministry is through the Backpack Buddies program.  Buena Vista Elementary School, where many of our students have attended, has asked us to partner with them in bridging another gap in their school.  Each morning as the elementary students have a snack, 55 Backpack Buddies go without a snack.  Our high school students will be responsible for changing their snack time.  We will be collecting, organizing, and delivering a monthly care package for each of these 55 children.  That is over 1000 snacks per month, and 8800 over the school year!  We are so excited about the difference our students can make in the lives of others.  We will also be planning ways to reach out and build relationships with their families.  It is our hope that by setting this example these children will see the love and gratitude we have for what we have been given but more importantly to live out the gospel in this hungry world!

If you would like more information about how you could be involved please feel free to contact me for more details!       

~ Mary Daum

Wafuasi: “Judges” (Week 4 – Deborah)

Key Passage:

  • Judges 4-5

Key Point: You Can’t Stop God.

  • You can’t stop God’s salvation.
  • You can’t stop God’s plan.
  • You can’t silence God’s praises.

Key ChallengeWill You Volunteer?

  • Volunteer your trust.
  • Volunteer your details.
  • Volunteer your voice.

Objection: How can God be both loving and wrathful?

Answer: His wrath is an expression of his love; his hate and opposition are directed at whatever is destroying that which he loves so fiercely.

Key News:

  • (Ps.110) Jesus is the ultimate warrior and perfect volunteer.

Jesus’ victory through willing self-sacrifice and invincible resurrection is the only way we can get all of God’s love and none of his wrath, while also seeing the model for how we are to obey God’s mission for us, and engage the world.


Wafuasi: Judges (Ehud)

Key Passage:

Judges 3:12-31

Key Takeaways:

  • God can rescue anyway he wants.
  • God may mock those who oppose him and his people.
  • God is not a boring God.


  • No matter what kind of trouble you are in, whether self inflicted or not, God hears you, and he has sent a rescuer to save you.
  • God is willing to intervene in even the messiest circumstances of life.
  • God does not want you to clean yourself up, he simply wants you to acknowledge that you need him to rescue you!
  • Ehud was not a sufficient savior. He could not change the hearts of Israel. He provided relief and motivated them, but they eventually went back to their idol worship.